The premiere of "GoT" began with many references to the first episode of the show


The eighth and final season of "Game of Thrones" finally came out after two long years of waiting in which the fans had no clue what would happen in the outcome of this television story that takes just over 8 years to air through HBO .

However, over these two years have emerged theories about who will die and who will eventually occupy the iron throne, in addition to other relevant things that many fans have been waiting to see on screen with the most endearing characters of the series.

But something that caught our attention in the first chapter of the eighth season that just opened , is that there are many references to the first chapter of the series, where we saw for the first time the whole panorama in Westeros . There are many winks at key moments of the first season and the first episode in this chapter that began the last season of the series; if you did not notice them all and you just got a little familiar with some of the scenes, here are all the direct references that "Game of Thrones" made in this premiere of the eighth season to their first chapter of all.


1. Jon and Daenerys arrive at Winterfell.

Crédito: YouTube.

This scene is very similar, and with many references to the first chapter, when Robert Baratheon and Cersei arrive at Winterfell after the death of Jon Arryn.

2. Music.

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Even the music at the entrance is the same in both scenes, or at least very similar.

3. The presentation of the queen.

The presentation of the queen.

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Daenerys is presented to the rest of the Stark, and as in the first season with Cersei, is not very well received by them.

4. From afar.

From afar.

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As in the first season, Arya is far from her family and observes the arrival of the entire entourage from afar among people.

5. The child of the tree.

The child of the tree.

Crédito: HBO.

Bran scale to see the arrival of Robert and his entourage in the first season, while in this octave we see a child who runs and climbs a tree to better see the arrival of Daenerys and Jon.

6. The dog.

The dog.

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Like the first season, Arya is particularly anxious to see the Dog arrive, although now her story with him is much more complicated.

7. The welcome

The welcome

Crédito: HBO.

Although in a very different tone, Sansa welcomes Daenerys in the same way her father, Ned Stark, did with Robert Baratheon in the first season.

8. Reencounter between Jon and Bran.

Reencounter between Jon and Bran.

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Jon is reunited with Bran and greets him with a kiss on the forehead, the same way he said goodbye when he went to the Wall.

9. Reunion between Jon and Arya.

Reunion between Jon and Arya.

Crédito: HBO.

The expected reunion between Arya and Jon is very emotional and both greet each other with a big hug, just like when they said goodbye in the first season.

10. Needle.


Crédito: Upsocl.

The last time they saw each other, Jon gave Arya a needle, and now in his reunion she shows him that he still wears it and that he has taken good care of it.

11. Symbols


Crédito: HBO.

We saw a symbol that was left by the white walkers and that makes reference first, to the girl of the first episode in the first season and also that the symbol drawn by the fire resembles the shield of the Targaryen House.

12. Orders of Cersei.

Orders of Cersei.

Crédito: Game Spot.

In the first season we see Jamie interrupting Tyrion during an "intimate evening" by order of Cersei, this season we see Qyburn interrupting Bronn because Cersei wants him to kill Jamie and Tyrion with the same crossbow that Tyrion killed Tywin.

13. The arrival of Jamie.

The arrival of Jamie.

Crédito: Spoiler Time.

Finally we see Jamie arrive at Winterfell, in a similar way as he did in the first season, although this time he runs into Bran, after having seen him for the last time when he pushed him from the tower because he saw them and Cersei together.

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