Which of the "Scandalous Bears" are you according to your personality

Discover once and for all which of these Scandalous Bears you are according to your personality.
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The " Scandalous Bears" is an American cartoon series created by Daniel Chong for Cartoon Network . This cartoon series follows the lives of three brother bears, Pardo, Panda and Polar; and their attempts to integrate into human society in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has also gained fame and has become a favorite for young and old.

This is the first Cartoon Network animated series to be based on a comic. It has been on the air since 2015; with 3 seasons that continue to this day. Its creator Daniel Chong worked as a storyboard artist at Pixar. Then he created the webcomic "The Three Bare Bears"; which he published for a year from 2010 and then developed the animated series with Cartoon Network .

Strong personalities of the scandalous bears

Its three main characters, Pardo, Panda and Polar; They have very distinct and very different personalities. So they are perfect for taking a quiz, discovering which one of them you are; This way you can find your spiritual animal and your favorite character in this Cartoon Network cartoon; according to your tastes, interests and way of being.


This animated series presents the life of Pardo, Panda and Polar; three brother bears trying to integrate into human society. They do this by buying a lot of food; making human friends and even trying to go viral on the Internet through videos. However, the 3 Scandalous Bears are sometimes in serious trouble; for their attempts to mix with humans . Since they don't understand their animal instincts very well.

We hope you like this quiz and have fun answering the different questions. Have fun and get to know which of these particular bears you look like. Here we go!