Can you recognize this animated cartoons and tv series just by the image of a house?


Animated cartoon and tv series were an important part of generations of children who are now adults. Cartoons and classic tv series that marked generations with their innocent plots, funny situations and unforgettable characters that accompanied us during long years in our childhood and also during adolescence.

Today, television entertainment for children has changed a lot; the good series and cartoons of the 80's and 90's were disappearing little by little, opening the way to new stories that were not as attractive or as good as before.

The truth is that over the years, the arrival of new technologies, new generations and new lifestyles, caricatures and classic and innocent series were ending, giving way to stories full of violence, horrible animations and much worse plots that are not worth much to see anymore.

However, today we are going to remember those cartoons and classic series that you probably saw as a child, but we are going to put your memory to the test and you will have to guess what caricature or TV series is all about seeing one of the characteristic houses of history .

Test your memories to see if you can get it right and if you still remember 100% that programming that you liked as a child .


1. This was the home of a very smart child.

2. This house housed very disparate characters.

3. In this house there lived a lot of people.

4. This great and mysterious house hid many secrets and a door to other worlds.

5. This is perhaps the simplest of all, you can not fail it.

6. This house was that of a very distinguished family, although with characters a little crazy.

7. This is very easy, always had many adventures and laughs.

8. This is very simple ...

9. This house hosted a very nice family, in a very privileged area of Los Angeles.

10. This can be a bit misleading, but it was the home of a very fun family.

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