"The Two Popes": A story of faith that competes for the Oscar

"The Two Popes" is the story that develops the relationship between Pope Benedict XVI and Jorge Bergoglio, who is now Pope Francis I.
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"The Two Popes" is an original Netflix movie , based on the actual events that happened when Pope Benedict XVI resigned his position as Pope and Francis I took his place. The film presents the relationship developed by both popes since the death of John Paul II , the appointment of Benedict XVI as successor and how he himself asks Francisco I to replace him as the top leader of the Catholic Church in the Vatican .

Although the film focuses on two important characters of the Catholic Church , you don't have to be religious or practice this doctrine in order to enjoy the film; however, they put on the table all the issues for which the Catholic Church has been criticized in the modern world and how Pope Benedict XVI could not confront such issues, so he fervently believes that Jorge Bergoglio (Francisco I), could to be that necessary change within the Catholic Church, something of which we have witnessed to see how this pope has left behind many Vatican protocols and has even offered apologies to the LGBT + community and how he has talked about many issues that once seemed like a taboo for the Catholic Church and its leaders .

The film is a masterpiece without so many characters that focuses primarily on those played by Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce , giving us a new perspective and detail about their relationship ; from how they discussed their different ideas about how to lead the Catholic Church , to the smallest details about their sense of humor and the daily customs they had as a pope and a cardinal .

The interpretations are simply fantastic; Jonathan Pryce makes an excellent representation of Jorge Bergoglio , to the point of truly appearing to be seeing Pope Francis I , without exaggeration or caricaturing, simply natural and real. While Anthony Hopkins captures that essence of Benedict XVI that was scary and little empathy , but at the same time he created that same empathy by introducing us to the man and human who found himself involved in all this scandal by resigning his office as pope .

There is no doubt why the film is nominated for an Oscar , so if you have not seen it, you have the opportunity to do so through Netflix since December 20, 2019.

Title: The Two Popes
Year: 2019
Director: Fernando Meirelles
Cast: Jonathan Pryce, Anthony Hopkins
Genre: drama
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