Curious facts about Netflix's Mexican series, "Diablero"

Diablero is a new bet to attract Mexican public to Netflix, have you seen it? Here some interesting facts about the series
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"Diablero" is a mexican series of Netflix in co-production with Morena Films and based on the book by mexican author Francisco Haghenbeck , "El Diablo Me Obligó" . The series focuses on Father Ramiro Ventura, who seeks the help of a legendary demon hunter, Elvis Infante; with his help, his sister Keta Infante and his friend Nancy Gama, the trio engages in a series of adventures with demons and other ghosts, while Father Ramiro also goes in search of his lost daughter.

It is a mexican series had not been done before and less in production with Netflix, because it involves 100% a supernatural plot with demons and other malign entities, great special effects and a lot of action, unlike the comedies and dramas that Netflix has produced in Latin American countries.

The series has had a measured success, but the interpretations of its cast, especially that of Gisselle Kuri, have stood out as one of the best. "Diablero" came to revolutionize a bit the horror stories and paranormal themes in Mexican TV.

Here we tell you some details, secrets and curious facts about the filming of this mexican tv serie and how it was the process to take to Netflix .

1. Literary adaptation.

Literary adaptation.

The series is based on the book "El Diablo Me Obligó" by Mexican author FG Haghenbeck.

2. Pioneer


Crédito: La Unión Morelos.

It is the first series of terror produced by Netflix for the Latin American public.

3. Directors of terror.

Directors of terror.

Crédito: Diario de México.

The series was developed by Rigoberto Castañeda, who years ago directed "Kilometer 31".

4. Locations


Crédito: República.

"Diablero" was filmed in locations of Tepito and the Mexico City Center.