Would you guess that soap opera is just watching its secondary characters?

Test your lordship with this quiz of Mexican soap operas.
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Although many deny it because it is supposed to be junk content or television programs that only housewives and grandmothers watch while they weave or wash dishes, soap operas are an essential part of Mexican pop culture , yes, although many of them Do the ugly and you must also admit that you have seen the odd thing that leaves you stung, in suspense and well involved with the plot and the characters .

The soap operas are in Mexico , something that has been produced for many decades and have been the artistic platform of many celebrities who today have the luxury of even working in Hollywood.

So let's test your inner lady (in case you are “millennial” or if you really are a telenovelera lady) to see if you can remember the most iconic soap operas on Mexican television but only by identifying some of her secondary characters Among very old soap operas , those of the 80's and 90's and those good ones that still remained in the first decade of 2000, we will see if you are a lady with a silver back that can distinguish what dramatic story it is by identifying her less popular characters within the plot.