What you should remember before the premiere of "Rosario Tijeras 3"

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5. Rivals


Crédito: Univisión.

Emilio and Antonio are best friends but Rosario's fight for love makes them rivals. Emilio dies trying to save Rosario and Antonio, while they manage to escape their enemies.

6. The Angel.

The Angel.

Crédito: Azteca 7.

Rosario ends up falling in love with "The Angel", a man who hides a secret, but who causes Antonio's death during a confrontation to follow the orders of "The Angel."

7. Jail.


Crédito: Univisión.

Rosario ends up being imprisoned, and is sentenced to 40 years in prison, although she apologizes for all her crimes.

8. Premiere of the third season.

Premiere of the third season.

Crédito: Milenio.

The third season is expected to premiere in September of this 2019, since Azteca 7 has only published some small clips of the series. Barbara del Regil finished recording this third season at the end of June this year.

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