What you need to know about Aristemo, the couple of the moment on TV

The telenovela "My Husband Has More Family" has had great success on the small screen thanks to the teenage couple of Aristotle and Cuautémoc.
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Mexican television has always stood out internationally for its production of telenovelas , and for years Televisa was the one who, with its constant transmission of these dramatic stories, managed to become a great company seen in all Mexican homes.

In telenovelas is where great first actors were born and others who, although they have emigrated to Hollywood, began their career as soap opera actors on the small screen, such as Eiza Gónzales, Salma Hayek or Diego Boneta.

And in Mexico, soap operas are a serious thing, they have managed to move masses, impose clothes fashion to language and mark different generations, in addition to creating great influential stars throughout the country.

Despite the fact that times have changed and the vast majority of new generations do not see television open or by mistake thanks to the internet or platforms such as Netflix, in recent months Televisa's telenovela "Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia" has been made tremendously popular among young people for a teen love story that has created constant trends in social networks and has upped the rating of history, in addition to having its own fandom : Aristemo . Here's a good explanation of what it is.

1. My Husband Has More Family.

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This is the second season of the telenovela "Mi Marido Tiene Familia", starring Zuria Vega and Daniel Arenas, but this second season with new characters and stories, and especially that of Aristotle and Cuauhtémoc have had a great impact among the adolescent audience .

2. Aristemo

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In this new season, the characters of Aristotle (Emilio Osorio) and Cuauhtémoc (Joaquín Bondoni), a couple of teenagers who develop a love story in the soap opera, presented themselves with a more central story.

3. The story of Aristemo.

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The telenovela that has been on the air since July 2018 has developed a tender story between the two teenagers, which is one of the first stories of love between two young people that is shown so openly in a Televisa telenovela.

4. The expected kiss.

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In addition to the tender love story that has captivated the young audience of this telenovela, the kiss that could finally happen in the telenovela has also been eagerly awaited, however, it has also caused controversy, as many fans have said that it has censored a little this long-awaited moment.