To 15 years of its transmission, this happened with the cast of "Las Juanas"

"Las Juanas" by TV Azteca has been one of the most successful versions of the Colombian telenovela of all its adaptations.
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"Las Juanas" was a Mexican telenovela aired on TV Azteca in 2004. It is an adaptation of the original Colombian telenovela "Las Juanas" , but despite modifying some of the characters' names, the premise of the story is basically the same .

The cast was made up of Ana Serradilla , Claudia Álvarez, Martha Higareda, Vanessa Cato, Paola Núñez and Andrés Palacios , as well as having the first actors in stellar participations of Fernando Luján and Margarita Sanz.

The soap opera , of juvenile cut, was a success during its time in the screen of Azteca 13 , and counted on actors who during this decade and a half have grown remarkably as much in the world of the telenovelas and the national television , as in Mexican and international films.

Then we tell you what was of each of the main characters of "Las Juanas" and what they have done throughout these 15 years in his artistic career .

While the Mexican art world laments the loss of the first actor Fernando Luján , who died on January 11, 2019 at his home in Puerto Escondido, we tell you what happened to the rest of the cast of "Las Juanas" in the Mexican version of TV Azteca .

1. Ana Serradilla / Juana Valentina.

Ana Serradilla / Juana Valentina.

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Her last telenovela was "La Viuda Negra 2" and this year she will premiere the Mexican version of "La Boda de mi Mejor Amigo" on the big screen.

2. Claudia Álvarez / Juana Prudencia.

Claudia Álvarez / Juana Prudencia.
He is currently in the staging "The Work That Goes Wrong", while his last soap opera was "In Wild Lands".

3. Paola Núñez / Juana Micaela.

Paola Núñez / Juana Micaela.
This 2019 will appear in "La Reina del Sur 2" after not having done soap operas for 5 years.

4. Martha Higareda / Juana Carolina.

Martha Higareda / Juana Carolina.
He has done a lot of cinema and television in Mexico and USA, this year he is going to premiere "No Manches Frida 2" next to Omar Chaparro.