These have been the loves of Silvia Pinal throughout her life

Besides being a legend of the golden age of Mexican cinema, Silvia Pinal has also given much to talk about for all her romances and loves.
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Silvia Pinal Hidalgo is a Mexican actress , originally from Guaymas, Sonora, of film, theater and television, as well as standing out as an entrepreneur, politician and producer.

Pinal began his career in theater and in 1949 ventured into film, right around the time of Mexico's Golden Cinema , during the 50's he became popular thanks to his diverse appearances on the big screen and with "Un Extraño en la Escalera", next to Arturo de Córdoba, she managed to consolidate her career as a film actress. In addition, he also managed to stand out internationally when participating in a trilogy of the Spanish director Luis Buñuel , "Viridiana", "The Angel Exterminator" and "Simón en el Desierto".

In addition to her successful film career , Silvia Pinal has also managed to succeed in other areas; She was a pioneer of the musical comedy in Mexico, ventured into television with soap operas, unitary and variety programs, she has also excelled as an entrepreneur, producer of various projects in film, theater and television, and even occupying political positions in Mexico.

Pinal is an icon of the cinema in Mexico and a very important figure in his history who could not run out of his own bioseries , so recently he premiered "Silvia Pinal: Frente a Ti", where besides knowing all these achievements in his professional career , we have also known all his loves and romances .

1. Rafael Banquells.

Rafael Banquells.

Crédito: México.

It was Silvia's first love, she married him in 1947 when she was 17 and he was 35, and they also had her first-born, also actress Silvia Pasquel.

2. Emilio Azcárraga Milmo.

Emilio Azcárraga Milmo.

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Silvia had a relationship with the television mogul, however, he married Paula Cusi, which was a great disappointment for Pinal, so their relationship was only a good friendship.

3. Gustavo Alatriste

Gustavo Alatriste
In 1961 he met Gustavo Alatriste at the home of Ernesto Alonso, and although he was married, he later separated and married Silvia. From this relationship was born his daughter Viridiana Alatriste, who died in 1982.

4. Enrique Guzmán.

Enrique Guzmán.

Crédito: Hector Ledezma.

In 1967 he met Enrique Guzmán, with whom he also had a variety program for 4 years. Although he was 10 years younger than her, they got married and had two children: Alejandra Guzmán and Luis Enrique Guzmán.