The quiz that only RBD fans can solve on their 15th anniversary

"Rebelde" turns 15 years of being released and we celebrated this quiz trivia to know how much we remember the soap opera.
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“Rebelde” is a Mexican soap opera produced by Televisa and broadcast from October 4, 2004 until June 2, 2006. The soap opera is a remake of the Argentine soap opera “Rebelde Way” , created by Cris Morena.

The soap opera starred Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez, while the adult protagonists were Juan Ferrara and Ninel Conde, in addition to the antagonistic participations of Enrique Rocha, Karla Cossío, Tony Dalton, Fuzz , Miguel Ángel Biaggio, Aitor Iturrioz and Yessica Salazar. It featured the stellar performances of Estefanía Villareal, Zoraida Gómez, Jack Duarte, Eddy Vilard, Angelique Boyer, Carlos Girón, Georgina Salgado, Eleazar Gómez, Diego Boneta, Viviana Ramos, Allison Lozz and the first actors Héctor Gómez and Lourdes Canale.

This year, "Rebel" turns 15 years of having premiered, so it has generated us a lot of nostalgia to remember those times when the soap opera uniforms were in fashion and everyone wanted to look like the protagonists , they knew word by word all the songs and begged to be able to attend a concert of the RBD group .

Let's see if you remember the most important data of this youth soap opera , and if it is true that you were so fanatic; you will have to try it with this anniversary quiz about “ Rebel ” and all its characters .