The characters vs. The real people of "Silvia Pinal: Frente a Ti"

The series has had a great impact for all the revelations that have been made about the private life, the romances and the artistic career of Silvia Pinal.
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"Silvia Pinal: Frente a Ti" is a biographical series produced by Carla Estrada for Televisa. It's based on life and the book "Esta Soy Yo: Silvia Pinal" by Mexican actress Silvia Pinal . The recordings of the series began in September of 2017 and concluded in April of 2018. This series is carried out by Itatí Cantoral as Silvia Pinal and with the participation of Arturo Peniche, Alberto Casanova, Adriana Nieto, Cassandra Sánchez Navarro, Marcelo Córdoba, Pablo Montero , among others.

The series, like other similar projects that have been given on television and streaming services such as "Luis Miguel: The Series" or "José José: The Prince of Song," has caused a stir by some of the revelations that have been made about the life of the actress Silvia Pinal ; family situations, his career and especially, all his loves and romances .

But in addition to some revelations about the life of the actress, which has been notable in this series it is how some of their players fit so well with real life characters who have been part of the history of Silvia Pinal.

Here we share some comparisons of the most important characters in the series, the actors who played them and how these characters looked or look in real life .

1. Silvia Pinal.

Silvia Pinal.
The leading character of the actress was in charge of Itatí Cantoral, who did not convince much like the iconic Silvia Pinal.

2. Enrique Guzmán.

Enrique Guzmán.

Crédito: México.

The third husband of Silvia Pinal, Enrique Guzmán, who in the series is called Felipe Román, was played by Gonzalo Guzmán.

3. Jorge Negrete

Jorge Negrete

Crédito: México.

The actor of the golden age of Mexican cinema had a small appearance in the history of Silvia, played by Ricardo Franco.

4. Emilio Azcárraga Milmo.

Emilio Azcárraga Milmo.

Crédito: Capital México.

One of the loves of Silvia that later became a great friendship, besides being the owner of Televisa, was interpreted by Harry Geithner.