Can you guess who the phrase "A Family of 10" corresponds to?

"A Family of 10" has returned after almost 10 years with a second and third season. Can you solve this trivia of the series 100%?
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“Una Familia de 10” is a television series created by Televisa and premiered for the first time in 2007 by the Las Estrellas channel, with Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo as director and general producer, in addition to playing Plácido López, the family father . This series is a readaptation of the comedy "The Married House Wants" .

The plot takes place in a department of Mexico City and deals with endless problems arising from the shortage of space, economic problems and the humor and ingenuity of each of the characters .

The series has 3 seasons, 2 of them released this 2019, and which happen almost 10 years after the first season, with new characters and new problems . Although some characters also left the series in the third season, many continue to follow this program for their sympathy and entertainment .

Surely you have ever seen this program and you will know the most famous phrases of each character, so we will test it with this trivia where you will have to guess which of the characters of “A Family of 10” corresponds to each of the phrases Do you remember all of them?