A journey through the artistic career of Edith González

Regrettably, the Mexican actress, famous for her soap opera roles, suffered from ovarian cancer, which caused her death.
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Edith González was a Mexican actress of theater, cinema and telenovelas , but throughout her career, she was mostly recognized for her participation in the small screen in different telenovelas on both Televisa , her first television , and on TV Azteca , later on in his career .

She began acting when she was a child, and managed to stand out as a child actress in Televiteatros and in Mexican films of the 70's, as "El Rey de los Gorilas" and "Cyclone". She started appearing in soap operas at the end of the 70's , starting with "Los Ricos Llora", "Soledad" and "Blanca Vidal", but it was not until 1984 that he got his first lead with the telenovela "Sí, Mi Amor", from there several projects followed, until he achieved to stand out at the international level with her character Mónica in the 1993 telenovela "Corazón Salvaje".

She was also the first to play the leading role of the musical work of Carmen Salinas, " Adventurer ", since 1998.

Unfortunately, in 2016, the actress was detected ovarian cancer , a disease for which she received treatment for a long time, and which, in the words of the actress, had been cured. However, in early 2019 there were rumors that the disease had returned to attack the actress, which she denied. With a recent participation as judge in the program "This Is My Style" , marked his last appearance on the small screen , since the actress died in a hospital in Mexico City on June 13, 2019.

1. Lucia Shadow

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One of the first appearances on the small screen as an actress of Edith González was in the soap opera "Cosa Juzgada" of 1970 and a year later in "Lucía Sombra" as Erika Calvert as a child.

2. Rich people cry too.

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Later he participated in soap operas such as "Los Miserables", "Mi Primer Amor", "Lo Unforgivable", and a classic of the small screen, "Los Ricos también Lloran" like María Isabel Salvatierra from 1979 to 1980.

3. Bianca Vidal.

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One of her first protagónicos was "Bianca Vidal" in 1982, but before, she also participated in soap operas such as "Soledad", "Ambición" and "El Hogar Que Yo Robé", starring Angélica María.

4. Wild Rose.

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In 1984 he starred in "Sí, Mi Amor" with Leonardo Daniel, and also made "Monte Calvario" and "Lista Negra", and then entered the production of "Rosa Salvaje", although he resigned and his character was picked up by Felicia Mercado.