Very successful series that will broadcast its final season this 2019

This 2019 we will have the outcome of many seasons and also final seasons of some very successful television shows and streaming platforms.
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In recent years the television series and shows through streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, have become very popular, to the extent of making world premieres or generate a high expectation for a chapter Release or end of season . Some of these series have become an important part of pop culture and have marked an era of how " television " is made, casting actors to stardom and winning multiple Emmys for their great success in front of the audience.

There are series like "Gray's Anatomy" that have been almost 15 years on the air and through their stories we have seen the evolution of technology, social networks and the world in general, so they become an important part of pop culture . However, some of these beloved and successful television series have to come to an end, and there are several that will do so in 2019 .

This year the public is eager for the end of "Game of Thrones" , which with its eighth season will end a story that revolutionized television and has become the most watched series of HBO , but like " GoT " , there will be other series that also say goodbye during this 2019 .

1. Game of Thrones.

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This series that takes to the air from 2011 will finish in its eighth season that will be released next April 14 and that will have only 6 episodes.

2. The Big Bang Theory.

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After 12 years, this series of nerds will premiere its final chapter on May 16.

3. Orange is the New Black.

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This original Netflix season will culminate in its seventh season at the end of this 2019.

4. Veep.

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This comedy will also conclude in its seventh season through HBO on March 31.