Identify if it is a Nickelodeon or Disney Channel series

You will remember seeing these shows in your childhood and youth, but do you remember if they belonged to Nickelodeon or Disney Channel? Test yourself!
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A couple of decades ago, two of the most popular channels among children and young people were Nickelodeon and Disney Channel , and they stayed that way for a good time, creating programs and tv shows most memorable for all those millennial generations now nostalgically recall all those shows.

Each chain had a representative series, or a more popular character, however, both Nickelodeon and Disney Channel had a large repertoire to choose what you wanted to see throughout the day, and surely you had a favorite series that you never missed.

But, since before we did not have such an easy access to the internet and we only saw what we liked without repairing both the company or the channel, you may be confused a bit when remembering which channel each of these series belonged to, Disney Channel or Nickelodeon ?

With the following quiz we will test your memories and if you paid so much attention to your favorite series of yesteryear, choose Disney Channel or Nickelodeon according to the series that corresponds.