"GoT" was released and this quiz will help you remember the most relevant

It's been 2 years since "Game of Thrones" was on the air and at the premiere of the eighth season there are many details that surely escaped you. Here we refresh your memory.
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Finally, after a long wait of two years, "Game of Thrones" returned to the air with its eighth and final season, saturating the HBO Go service and making the most of all the fans of the series who could not do anything else with his soul of so much waiting for this epic televised outcome.

They have been little more than 8 years of the fever of "Game of Thrones" , a show that has achieved great success and that also managed to boost the careers of actors like Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, Kit Harington or Maisie Williams; and that also formed a whole fandom very dedicated to this whole story.

But now that the series has returned and many have seen the first episode , there are some disoriented people who perhaps did not understand some things or who missed certain details to keep in mind during the remainder of this last season , so with this quiz we will help to remember the most important data of the last 7 seasons of "Game of Thrones" and that will gain relevance in this final season .

If you did not have time to marathon the previous seasons to refresh your memory with everything that happened and thus be able to understand 100% what happens now, this quiz will serve as a study.