Discover how much you know about the "Elite" series with this quiz trivia

"Elite" has been placed as one of the favorite Spanish series on Netflix; Let's see if you know enough to pass this quiz trivia.
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“Elite” is a Spanish web series that premiered its first season in October 2018 on Netflix . The series has been produced by Zeta Producciones for Netflix and created by Carlos Montero, creator of "Physics or Chemistry", and Darío Madrona.

This 2019 the second season was released, and it was also recently announced that the series will be renewed for a third season next year.

Since this youth series is being so successful, we will test the most fans of this story and their characters with this quiz that will reveal some of the most important details of the plot, those that are essential to know so as not to lose the thread to this series of suspense , mystery , youth drama and romances .

Do you think you can pass this trivia quiz with a perfect grade or do you think you need to see an " Elite " marathon to refresh your mind about every detail ? Let's see how you do.