Choose options and discover which "Game of Thrones" house you belong to

If now that "Game of Thrones" came back to the TV you are more obsessed than ever and want to know what house you belong, this quiz is for you.
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"Game of Thrones" came with the premiere of its eighth and last season last week and since then it has become a trend and one of the most watched and awaited premieres of pay television. It's no surprise, because year after year the series has known how to captivate its audience and break records in audiences episode after episode aired.

This year is no different, and even more so because it is the season that will give denouement to the story; There will be an epic battle with the White Walkers and the King of the Night , and probably also a battle against Cersei Lannister to see who definitively occupies the iron throne.

While they are pears or apples, and you have always wanted to know which of the main houses of the 7 kingdoms you would belong to, here we bring you a quiz that will tell you according to the choices you make; It does not matter that these elections are the simplest, even the smallest detail could define your house according to the choices you make in this questionnaire .

While we wait for an epic episode where the battle against the army of white walkers will be unleashed and we mentally prepare ourselves to see one of our favorite characters die , we leave you this quiz .