Can you guess the real ages of the Game of Thrones cast?

In the series, the ages of the characters that these actors play can be very different from the age they really have. Are you good at calculating?
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This 2019 is about "Game of Thrones" and the epic outcome that this series will have after being a little less than a decade on the air; We will finally have an end to the war for the iron throne and we will surely miss the weekly premieres full of emotion for a new chapter and many unexpected surprises within it, as well as battles, dragons and deaths of favorite characters .

This year is about dismissing this epic series as it deserves and enjoy it until the last episode although it makes us suffer a lot; so we decided to immerse ourselves again in the world of "Game of Thrones" , but not to make you suffer, but to test your calculation eye and see how much you know about the actors of the series or if you can guess the real age of each of the cast members.

We must tell you that the medieval clothes, the characterization and perception that you have of the characters can greatly influence how young or old you see them, so watch well and do not cheat, it's about guessing your real age without any external help.

Test your skills with this quiz , and distract your mind a little from the fact that this legendary series will soon reach its inevitable end .