These are the most serious injuries in “Exatlón”

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“Exatlón México” is a Mexican reality show of sports competitions, based on the original format of Turkey, broadcast and produced by TV Azteca . It premiered on October 16, 2017, hosting sports commentator Antonio Rosique . At the beginning it had 20 participants, divided into two teams of 10 members; Famous , represented with the color red and contestants , represented by the color blue. Contestants must compete in various physical and mental testing circuits to win the jackpot. The reality is recorded on beaches in the Dominican Republic and broadcast from Monday to Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

But, since it is a contest of physical performance that also becomes intensive and without any rest, in environments that may not be very flattering, the contestants have seen them black when participating because despite giving everything their effort and also to deal with some disagreements between them, have had to overcome certain injuries that have even taken them out of the game for a while or definitely.

This time we make a count of all those ugly injuries we have seen in this first season of “Exatlón México” so far.