Only true "Friends" fans will hit this quiz 100%

If you saw the series a couple of times, this will surely not be a problem for you.
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" Friends " is an American television series created and produced by Marta Kauffman and David Crane . It was aired for the first time in 1994 and was aired until May 2004. This famous comic series had a total of 10 seasons , in which it became one of the most watched series worldwide and also most successful.

This series was the one that catapulted the careers of Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Courtney Cox and also had great guest actors such as Brad Pitt , Paul Rudd, Tom Selleck and Anna Faris , among others.

Many, to this day, are big fans of the series and continue to watch it on digital platforms, continuing with the great success of this television show that was so popular in its time.

If you consider yourself one of those fans that is still faithful to the series , we invite you to do this quiz trivia to measure your knowledge about the characters and situations that happened in “ Friends ” and thus discover if you are really the # 1 fan . Few really can answer all the questions of this trivia because there are details of the series that only those who have seen it more than twice could have noticed.