Can you remember the names of these tragic patients of Gray's Anatomy?


"Gray's Anatomy" is an American television series created by Shonda Rhimes and starring Ellen Pompeo . It premiered on the ABC network in March 2005 and tells the day to day of all the surgeons of a hospital in Seattle .

The series has been a great success during its 12 years on the air , despite the departures of some of its original actors and the inclusion of new characters that have entered season with season.

In addition to the main characters and protagonists , in this series we have seen many patients who sometimes have a great impact on the story of the protagonists , and since they are patients , many of their stories last a couple of episodes only, for what many of them have had tragic and very emotional endings within the series.

If you are a fugitive follower of the series, surely you will remember those patients who with their stories and their departure have removed to the most sensitive fiber in the rest of the doctors of "Gray's Anatomy" and in the public viewer. Could you remember the names of each of these patients? Challenge yourself with our next quiz and try not to cry over seas while remembering these tragic stories.


1. This patient basically had a chest pump that exploded inside the hospital.

2. This patient was next to Dr. Bailey when the armed attack happened at the hospital.

3. This patient died due to an oversight of April during the merger of Seattle Grace and Mercy West.

4. Besides being patient, she was a Seattle Grace nurse and a patient who removed something in Cristina Yang.

5. He was more than a patient, especially for Dr. Teddy.

6. This patient was the first to be treated by Meredith and Derek together, but years later she returned to be treated by Amelia.

7. She was the only success in the first clinical study of Derek and Meredith, although her boyfriend did die.

8. Dr. Bailey was very fond of this little girl who unfortunately died in the chapter.

9. They both had a very bulky accident where they were impaled by a tube in season 2.

10. After jumping into a cement tub, this guy connected very well with Dr. Bailey because of his love for Star Wars.

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