Can you remember the names of all the women Ted Mosby left with?

It seemed that Ted Mosby was miserable in love, the truth is that he left with many girls before finding his soulmate ... Do you remember them all?
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After "Friends" , probably "How I Met Your Mother" became that favorite sitcom of many young people and adults, because it had absolutely everything to become your favorite series: friendship, humor , references to pop culture, amorous entanglements , crazy situations and also, situations that made us want to throw ourselves out the window.

One of those irritating situations was that Ted Mosby , the protagonist, while looking for his much longed for soul mate and telling his children how he went through different relationships until he met his mother, came out with hundreds of girls , which chapter by chapter They look like so many but if we do the tally, you can surely reach Barney like a real womanizer .

The joke is that Ted Mosby changed girlfriends or " crush " like socks and there were so many throughout the series that it could be very complicated to remember them all and their exact name, however, we know that there are Many fans of red bone of "How I Met Your Mother" that surely will be able to pass this test without any problem.

The joke is that you can remember the name of each girl that Ted Mosby once came out on this quiz , do you consider yourself wise enough in Ted Mosby's love life to get the highest score?