Would you guess which 2000 movie is about just watching a scene?

If you grew up during the first decade of 2000 it is very likely that you will pass this quizz.
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There is always talk about the decade of the nineties as the last one that many generations really enjoyed, the last good decade of fashion, music, television and cinema, it is also popular because of it we come the “ millennials ”, however, the first The 2000s also had theirs and although millennials were born mostly during the nineties , in reality, although sometimes we want to believe otherwise, there are very few things we really remember.

But, in 2000 we were already a little more aware of ourselves and of all the pop culture that developed around us, so it would be a little more credible if we preached on how great the first decade of 2000 was .

To prove that you remember many things about the first 10 years of the new millennium , today we bring you a quiz where we will put you nostalgic when remembering the most iconic films of 2000 , those that ended up becoming classics and that you surely saw in the cinema or expected to see every weekend on channel 5 or Azteca 7; Try to deny it.

So we will give you clues in the form of an image of the movie to see if you can guess which movie from the first decade of 2000 it is.