The quiz that only fans about "The Lion King" can solve

We are going to celebrate the premiere of the live-action of "The Lion King", with a trivia quiz about the animated classic that was released 25 years ago.
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We saw the story of "The Lion King" for the first time in its animated version in 1994 , and it quickly became a Disney classic, and also one of its most successful and blockbuster films. Now, 25 years later, this story has been one of those chosen to be part of the new versions of Disney , in its live-action mode.

Now we can see Simba , Timón , Pumba and the rest of the characters, in a realistic “ animation ”, but without losing the essence of the story or the personality of each character. And since the story only has small adjustments, a trivia quiz is what you need to remember every detail of this classic Disney story.