The exquisite observations that Guillermo del Toro made about "Rome"

"Roma" has stood out for its plot and its performances, so now Guillermo del Toro shares his perceptions about the work of his countryman.
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Although Guillermo del Toro is a talented Mexican film director who has made it big in Hollywood , more recently he was recognized worldwide for his work in the film "The Form of Water", which won several Oscar awards last year. and which caused the attention of the industry to turn over its work again.

Recently, another Mexican film director, Alfonso Cuarón , has been a topic of conversation for his film "Roma" ; recorded in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City, this film has broken with its cinematography, its cast and the simple but artistic way in which it tells the story of a woman.

So as good friends and colleagues, Guillermo del Toro saw "Roma" and shared on his Twitter account, 10 exquisite observations about his fellow countryman's movie, and what observations!

Of course, Guillermo del Toro saw the film in a very different way from the rest of the audience, from the artistic and technical point of view, so it is really interesting to be able to see "Rome" through the opinions of a colleague of Alfonso Cuarón . We'll share them with you right away, maybe give you a new perspective on "Rome" .

1. Opening.


Crédito: Cuarto Poder.

"For me, the initial plan suggests that the Earth (the infested floor of shit) and the Sky (the plane) will always be far away, but the water reveals them and unites briefly, like a mirror." In ROMA the truths are revealed by the water . "

2. Difference of classes.

Difference of classes.

Crédito: La Orquesta.

"These planes of existence, such as the separation of classes in the house, can not be easily settled, there will be times when the family" approaches ", but they will be passengers:" Cleo saved us "and almost immediately:" Do you prepare me? a banana smoothie? "

3. The silence of Cleo.

The silence of Cleo.

Crédito: Telam.

"In my opinion, Cleo's" silence "is used as a dramatic tool for the arc of her story and leads us to reveal her most intimate pain -revealed by the water-" I did not want her to be born. "Cleo shut up and suffocated her emotion and culminates in this explosion. "

4. Love is ...

Love is ...

Crédito: Blog Spot.

"A key moment, orchestrated with great precision by Cuarón, is the moment when Cleo breaks the source right at the moment of the Halconazo and when Fermín enters with the gun and the shirt of" Amor es ... "Her baby is born dead."