The best rated Keanu Reeves films for a movie marathon

Keanu Reeves is at the peak of success, and therefore many new generations have discovered his talent, so let's celebrate with a marathon of his films.
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The internet has recently made Keanu Reeves a viral case, and is that since the premiere of "John Wick 3: Parabellum" this year, the actor has not stopped appearing in various projects that gave him a big boost to be present in social networks and even in soup; his cameo in "Always Be My Maybe" , the appearance he will have in the video game "Cyberpunk 2077" , and the most recent participation lending his voice to the character of Duke Caboom in "Toy Story 4" .

Experts predict next years of many successes , it seems that Keanu Reeves has managed to climb to the top again, and not only for his talent on the big screen, but also for the fame he has to be very accessible and friendly with all the world.

But in addition to his most recent releases, the actor has a long list , much more than you imagine, of movies ; action, suspense, romance, comedy, science fiction, has for all tastes and ages. However, we will focus on those productions starring Keanu Reeves that have had the best qualifications of the Rotten Tomatoes expert, and we invite you to make your own "Keanu-thon" at home with the best rated Keanu Reeves films.

1. Speed (1994).

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Rotten Tomatoes: 94%. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock together in a thriller of potential and energy that will not let you move from your chair. Jack Traven is a Los Angeles policeman who must catch a dangerous terrorist and only Annie can help him.

2. Sweet Home ... Sometimes! (1989).

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Rotten Tomatoes: 93%. Director Ron Howard directs this bittersweet portrait of family life, in a choral story about the Buckman clan and their attempts to deal with their children, their partners and their own lives. A dramatic comedy that you can not miss.

3. Dangerous Relations (1988).

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Rotten Tomatoes: 93%. The perverse and fascinating Marquesa de Merteuil plans to take revenge on her last lover, with the help of her old friend, the Vicomte de Valmont. A virtuous married woman, Madame de Tourvel, of whom Valmont falls in love, will serve her malevolent ends. Winner of three Oscars in 1988: best adapted script Christopher Hampton, best costumes and best decoration.

4. Maybe Forever (2019).

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Rotten Tomatoes: 91%. Of boys lived in love. Today they live in opposite worlds. Chemistry is undeniable, but when will it be the right time?