In what UCM movie did Stan Lee say these different phrases?

Stan Lee created a tradition by making various cameos in all the films of his Marvel characters, and besides that, he left unforgettable phrases.
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This year we have witnessed the conclusion of an important stage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe , which began to be built a decade ago with the release of "Iron Man" , and thus the films based on the characters from the Marvel comics followed arriving, creating a great empire of both millionaire profits and invaluable stories that captivated the public.

Thanks to this series of films Marvel has been positioned as a leader, not only in their film genre, but generally being globally a great movie maker has several projects in the list of the highest grossing and most successful films of all times.

And an important part of the UCM has been one of its creators and greatest exponents: Stan Lee . Recently deceased, Stan Lee was the mastermind of many of the characters and stories of the Marvel Universe in the comics and in the cinematic universe, where he started doing cameos, making them an inevitable tradition in each of the films of the Marvel characters.

So with all your screen shares, we can guess that only the biggest fans of UCM and Stan Lee , can identify which movies he said what phrases ... we'll try everything with the following quiz .