Have you seen "Toy Story 4"? It's time for a quiz about the saga!

There are four "Toy Story" movies with infinite details that may have escaped you, but which you can test with this quiz.
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"Toy Story" has marked more than one generation; While the children of the 90's grew up with the novelty of seeing the first full-length animated film by computer, and we grew fond of Woody , Buzz and the rest of their friends, the new generations from 2010 also managed to witness the new adventures of This group of toys, which have become representatives of the Disney / Pixar brand.

The story of "Toy Story" has been present for 24 years , which is a good lapse of time to become fond of the story and its characters , and also so that those who grew up with it, we are experts in every detail of the characters , History and everything that happens inside this world where toys come to life when we are not there.

The fourth installment of "Toy Story" came to give an outcome and some conclusion to its main characters , something that still has us moved, but also gives us the perfect opportunity to test those children , now young adults , who have followed this franchise from the beginning, although they want to deny it, and know how much they know or have paid attention to the four films of "Toy Story" , answering this quiz .