Guess what Marvel movie is about just seeing an object

Only a true fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can pay attention to the smallest detail and identify the movie only when viewing an object.
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The much anticipated premiere of "Avengers: Endgame" is weeks away from reaching all the screens of the world, and while the wait eats up the cravings of the most loyal fans of this Marvel Cinematic Universe , we must take into account some points, up to date and do the now traditional Marvel marathon before seeing this epic denouement.

After a decade of building this cinematic universe , Marvel will end a very important phase, and starting with this movie will start with new superheroes , so fans expect our legendary heroes to have a dignified ending, but we are sure that Many more things will happen than we expect and that maybe one or two Avenger will sacrifice during the rematch against Thanos .

Some hope that Loki is alive, others that Tony and Steve will not die, that Peter Parker will return, and many other theories about what will happen in this outcome.

While we wait for the premiere to arrive, we challenge you to solve this quiz where you will have to recognize only one object and guess which movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe it belongs to. In passing you remember some movies and you prepare for the premiere of "Avengers: Endgame" .