Guess the iconic phrases and the movie to which they belong

The cinema has left us many iconic phrases that have made their movies a classic, and of these phrases, something you can recognize instantly.
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The world of cinema has given us a lot since ancient times; films that have become part of pop culture , iconic characters , invaluable stories and a whole world of entertainment in which many could get lost without any problem.

In addition to characters that have gone down in history and tapes that are considered cult movies or part of popular culture , there are movie phrases that have crossed the screens and have become a representative of certain characters , situations or stories; phrases that many of us know and that became famous thanks to their appearance in a film and the great meaning they had within the story or the moment they represented .

If you are a red- skinned movie buff , you can quickly identify each of these iconic phrases that were born in the seventh art and are now considered part of the general knowledge, since they encompass a great significance with respect to their history and the history of the cinema in general .

A couple of words , a whole sentence, the intonation and the character that said them, all this has given, practically, a life of its own to these words that have marked each of these productions considerably .

Do you think you can identify which tape belongs to each of these recognized phrases on the big screen ?