Can you guess which Disney movie is just by watching their food?

Disney's delicious dishes and snacks will put you to the test.
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Disney has been a company that for years has made the best stories for children and the rest of the family, animated stories that have become classics , same classic stories that modified a bit to make them their own, with that touch that we now recognize in a Disney film, and as the years have passed, has also been responsible for making series and films that adapt to new generations, with new stories, characters and innovating in the field of animation and production of his films .

Disney has also acquired large companies that have integrated its great emporium, from Marvel , to its most recent purchase, 20th Century Fox , but this only gives a great plus to this company that is a world and a praised and admired kingdom for many.

Currently it is very nostalgic to see those films that you liked so much in your childhood and see them now makes you notice certain details that you may never see when you watched them as a child, details such as saucers , snacks and other delicious foods that appeared in many of Disney movies .

Now we bring you this quiz to test if you can recognize which Disney movie each of these delicious dishes belongs to.