Only a master expert can guess the silhouettes of these Pokémon

In each commercial cut "Pokémon" put a riddle to us to prove how good we were recognizing the silhouettes of the Pokémon.
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"Pokémon" is a media franchise that originally started as an RPG videogame , but due to its popularity it has managed to expand to other entertainment media such as television series, card games, clothing, among others, becoming a brand that is recognized in the world market.

The videogame saga is developed by the Japanese software programming company, Game Freak , with characters created by Satoshi Tajiri for the toy company Creatures Inc. , and in turn distributed by Nintendo .

The anime series, " Pokémon ", was released in Japan on April 1, 1997 on the TV Tokyo channel, and was adapted to western culture by 4Kids Entertaiment until November 2005. Currently Pokémon USA is responsible for production and distribution from the anime series in the West.

After the success of the game "Pokémon Go", now Pokémon fever has returned thanks to the new release on the big screen "Detective Pikachú" , where we will meet again with Pikachú and the rest of the Pokémon in a live-action version.

And as many will remember, in each commercial cut of the anime "Pokémon", they presented us the silhouette of one of the creatures to be able to guess who it was, and that is exactly what we will do in this quiz . But could you still identify them all by their silhouette as in the animated series of the 90's?