These are the premieres that come to Netflix in the month of April

This month of April Netflix has many good releases to celebrate the day of the child and enjoy the Easter holidays with a lot of new content.
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This month of the child Netflix does not fail and we have many very interesting releases in its catalog throughout the month, starting with new seasons of your favorite series and also many original productions that you can not miss for nothing.

And is that as usual every month, Netflix has some premieres and new content added to its catalog , not only movies that we saw on the big screen or TV series, also some of its premieres and new original content of its own production .

For this month of April 2019 there are many good things to enjoy on the platform and so do not waste time having paid your monthly subscription so you do not miss one of these premieres that will begin to be added from April 1 to celebrate the month of the child, the Easter holidays and throughout the month. New episodes are coming, original productions , classic movies that you'll want to see again and new series that will leave you hooked.

Here is the list of new series , new seasons and new movies that you can start enjoying during the fourth month of the year in the Netflix catalog .

1. The Perfect Appointment / April 12.

Crédito: YouTube.

Brooks Rattigan needs money for college. With the idea of getting it, create a mobile application that sells a unique service: make the role of the perfect boyfriend on any occasion!

2. The Hidden World of Sabrina: Part 2/5 of April.

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The world is full of dangers and Sabrina is doing her thing. After signing in the Book of the Beast, he struggles to keep the balance between his place in the world of mortals and his new dark side. In part 2, new challenges await her such as deciding between Harvey Kinkle, a well-known mortal, and Nicolas Scratch, a super-witch warlock. He may have some dealings with the Dark Lord, but that does not mean he is not willing to give war.

3. Our Planet / April 5.

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Be amazed by the beauty of this extraordinary place we call home. "Our Planet" was filmed entirely in high definition in more than 50 countries and with the latest technology available. From exotic jungles to the deepest seas, connect with the instinct that unites us to this land.

4. Ultraman / April 1st.

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The new generation of Ultraman is here! Many years have passed since the famous Giant of Light protected peace on Earth, but now there is a new champion who will take responsibility for this responsibility and all that it entails: Shinjiro Hayata, the son of Ultraman who must continue with the legacy of his father.