The original Netflix series that caused the most controversy

Netflix has scored many goals with their original productions, but has also generated great controversy with some of them.
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Netflix , despite the sudden appearance of many competitors in its field, has managed to remain the leader in streaming services; In addition to its catalog that adds new titles of old and new series and movies month after month, it has also managed to stand out for creating its own original content, which has achieved great successes , standing out in awards where previously only conventional film and television was included.

Series like "The Orange is the New Black", "Stranger Things" or "13 Reasons Why", have created some impact in this generation, becoming important representatives of the new way of watching " television " nowadays, while films like "Rome", "The Kissing Booth" or "Cannibal Loves", have also stood out as Netflix productions in their own genre.

But in addition to also make way for awards and be seen by millions of people worldwide, Netflix has given much to talk about certain issues that are included, mainly in their series , which has caused controversy and controversy around of them.

They have reaped many successes , but have also generated many controversies by the way they decided to tell a story, casting, advertising and other factors, so these original Netflix series are the most controversial have caused in its release.

1. 13 Reasons Why.

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This series caused great controversy due to the harshness with which it dealt with subjects such as suicide, bullying and rape. There were even protests by parents who demanded the cancellation of the premiere of their second season, because they considered that this series incited young people to commit suicide.

2. Insatiable

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This series that shows the incredible transformation of a girl who suddenly drops weight, caused many negative reviews on networks, it was considered as "body shaming", even many people collected signatures for the series to be canceled before its release.

3. Hot Girls Wanted.

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It is a documentary mini-series that talks about the experiences that several girls under 20 have suffered in relation to sex and technology, which has clearly been controversial.

4. I am a Killer.

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This controversial documentary goes to the extreme when reporting real stories about murderers and the terrible crimes they committed, since it is the actual murderers themselves who tell how they committed each of these crimes.