Some of the references to the 80's that we saw in "Stranger Things 3"

We collect our favorite references to the 80's, which we could see in the third season of "Stranger Things".
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"Stranger Things" has been since its first season, a tribute to the late 80's, as well as including fashion and styles that were used at that time, has also been plagued with thousands of references to pop culture of those years; movies, music, series, books, comics, celebrities, etc.

Of course, its third season was not far behind, and it also has many 'easter eggs' , references and details alluding to the pop culture of that decade , some that perhaps went unnoticed but that if you look closely, they have a great meaning .

Below we compile our favorite references to the 80’s , which we could see in the third season of “Stranger Things” .

1. Camp Nowhere

Camp Nowhere

Crédito: Business Insider.

Dustin arrives from a camp called 'Camp Nowhere', which is a clear reference to the 1994 film.

2. Magnum PI

Magnum PI

Crédito: Nerdist.

Hopper is a fan of the 'Magnum PI' series, because during a scene he is seen watching a scene from the series, and then, the flowery shirt he buys with the one that appears in most of the episodes, is very similar to the of the protagonist of the series.

3. Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew

Crédito: Poynter.

Nancy works as a fellow in 'The Hawkins Post', and the other men who work there are nicknamed Nancy Drew, a character by writer Edward Stratemeyer, who has had several films over the years.

4. Cheers


Crédito: Capecod Times.

We see Joyce watch a show called 'Cheers', which was very popular in the 80's, and which was also the series that Joyce watched alongside Bob in the second season.