Netflix documentaries that will completely catch your interest

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Many times, when Hollywoodense movie fans hear the word " documentary ", they immediately believe that it will be about a very boring subject or animals mating on land or the sea, however, this film genre is much more than that and despite not Having awards as popular as the Oscars (where there are also a couple of categories that reward the best documentaries), is a piece of cinema very recognized and awarded in other multiple awards that focus primarily on documentary film .

If you think documentaries are very boring, maybe you haven't seen the right ones or you've never ventured to see one from beginning to end; and is that even if you do not believe it, there are documentaries of various topics for all tastes and interests , and there is probably one that can get your attention.

If you decide to give a documentary a chance or you are also one of those fans of this film genre, here is a list of recommendations on documentaries on various really interesting subjects that you can find available in the Netflix catalog.

Yes there are animal documentaries mating, but we also include other very interesting topics that in addition to entertaining you, they will teach you many things.