"Miss Americana": The most intimate documentary of Taylor Swift's life

It is a genuine, sincere, emotional and fun documentary about singer Taylor Swift and how she personally takes everything that happened in her artistic career.
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"Miss Americana" is a new original Netflix musical documentary that follows singer Taylor Swift . In this documentary she shows us how the process of reinvention of her music and style was after her after her lawsuit with Kim Kardashian and Kanye Wes t, her reaction to not being nominated for the Grammy , and how she and her team handled it for the first time , give a political opinion publicly.

In all the documentaries of pop stars that have been released in recent years we see how they fight with their demons, with that not so beautiful part of fame and everything that comes as a result of being a public figure besieged by the press and by the fans However, I think that speaking of the young and iconic stars, the likes of Taylor Swift , we had not seen such a genuine and real documentary about what happens in the head of a celebrity when it seems that everything around is about to collapse.

In this "behind the scenes" we see a woman 100% human, sensitive, vulnerable, and like the rest of the people, she worries about what other people say, tries to please people and keeps quiet until He can't anymore. That is the interesting thing about this documentary, that we see that transformation and reinvention of Taylor Swift through different situations that put it to the limit both in his professional life and in his personal well-being .

Taylor Swift had always been glimpsed as a pleasant , smiling and cheerful girl who seemed to have everything with that growing fame over the years, and that despite the rumors and gossip about her sentimental life, she seemed not to falter with anything. However, in this documentary we are witnessing how a star deals with "hate" , with the constant attacks of the press, with attacks from colleagues and other celebrities and at the same time, she seems to hurt herself with the idea that maybe It's not as good as everyone has made him believe.

It is a film very entertaining, funny and emotional, a documentary that not only enjoy the fans of the singer, as there are many times and situations with which any woman or person can identify and feel empathetic.

It is one of the documentary stories of indispensable celebrities that you should not miss. "Miss Americana" is available through Netflix since January 31.

Title: Miss Americana
Year: 2020
Director: Lana Wilson
Cast: Taylor Swift
Genre: documental
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