"Is not it Romantic?": A romcom seems to become a corny nightmare

Rebel Wilson arrives as Natalie, a bitter and sarcastic girl who hates romantic comedies, but reality takes a turn and she becomes the protagonist of her own romcom.
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"Is not it Romantic?" Is a new original Netflix romantic comedy, starring Rebel Wilson in the company of Liam Hemsworth , Adam Devine and Priyanka Chopra . The film follows the life of Natalie , an architect who lives in New York and who completely hates romantic comedies, however, after a hard blow to the head during an assault, Natalie wakes up in an alternate New York where her life is It has become a corny and cliché romantic comedy .

The film has an interesting twist and lists all those clichéd clichés we've seen over and over in romantic comedies, and they make you realize how ridiculous they can be, so this movie becomes a joke about those movies romantic , flooding with clichés the whole plot and making you recognize each of them from other popular movies of the genre.

It's a refreshing plot that has a certain message and moral, and that presents romantic comedies with a different formula, even though they use many of their methods to make a mockery of the same genre.

Rebel Wilson knows how to take over this genre and make the character completely his own, although this time we see her in a less crazy and wild role than we are accustomed to seeing her, because her character is a bit more bitter and tired of life, with a somewhat acid and sarcastic sense of humor. So it's nice to see Wilson in a less disorganized and meaningless role.

In general it is a very entertaining tape that will make you laugh very frankly and will make you reflect on the clichés of the most popular romantic movies . The plot has a good rhythm and the formula works making the contrasts between a "real world" and the corny world of romantic comedies, although in the end this film also ends up being a romantic comedy , although a little more attached to reality and without so much embellishment. Of course, it is also important to point out the protagonist, who leaves behind stereotypes and absurd standards of beauty in terms of the protagonist of a romantic comedy, because Natalie (Rebel Wilson) is full and does not live as perfectly as she says that the girls of the romcoms .

In short it is a comedy that you can not miss, it is entertaining, fun and light, without so much content but with a message. "Is not it Romantic?" Is available on Netflix as of March 1.

Title: Isn't it Romantic?
Year: 2019
Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson
Cast: Rebel Wilson, Priyanka Chopra, Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine, Tom Ellis
Genre: Comedia romántica
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