"Happy What You Want": A short Christmas series to enjoy with your family

"Happy whatever you want" is a light series that you will love to enjoy this holiday season.
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"Happy whatever you want" is a new sitcom style Netflix series that focuses on a very particular family, with a very particular father and very particular ideas. The history of the Quinn family unfolds during the holidays , so all emotions intensify and the whole family is gathered at the home of Don Quinn , the patriarch of the family. Emmy arrives home with her new boyfriend, an unsuccessful musician, whom he introduces to his father, Don, the city sheriff, and the rest of his family; But everything gets a little difficult when his father does not accept this new relationship and wants Emmy not to return to Los Angeles to stay at home.

This is one of those series like the old comedy series that entertained , touched and caused you uncontrollable laughter. Netflix has a lot of original content, among all many sitcoms that have gone unnoticed or that have been overshadowed by other fantastic or police-themed series , however, "Happy whatever you want" may be the exception to the rule, especially for This holiday season .

It is a very light and entertaining comedy , one of those that you can see as a family without worrying much about tangles, because it is very easy to digest, perfect to watch on Christmas day or on a cold December day in the company of your loved ones, because surely they can identify with each of the characters and members of the Quinn family. Although it has some other well- stereotyped characters as there are in all comedies of this type, the truth is that they do not fall into the ridiculous and are quite funny , but they also deal with sensitive and topical issues that are appreciated to see in this type of programs , and approached in a very warm and touching way, as is homosexuality.

It is a short series, which you can see in a single day and that will not leave you hanging with a heart attack end, but that you will enjoy while it lasts, because it perfectly fulfills its goal of entertaining .

If you want to get more into the mood of the holiday season , this is the ideal series; At first, it may not get your attention, but before the end of the first episode, you will be captivated by the Quinn family and all their crazy adventures.

"Happy whatever you want" is now available on Netflix with a season of 8 episodes.

Title: Merry Happy Whatever
Year: 2019
Director: Tucker Cawley
Cast: Ashley Tisdale, Bridgit Mendler, Dennis Quaid
Genre: Comedia, sitcom
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