Answer these questions and we will recommend a new Netflix movie

Sometimes it's harder to choose something new to watch on Netflix, so with the help of this quiz we will give you a recommendation of your new original movies.
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Netflix has been releasing much original content recently, including movies, series and documentaries, the leading platform in streaming around the world has not stopped producing original content and winning the taste of all its users with different series and movies that have become large successes

Each week Netflix , in addition to adding new series, films, documentaries and others to its catalog, also has prepared new releases of its creation, coming from the United States, Spain, Mexico, China, Japan and other countries of the world, each week has filled with very interesting and diverse premieres; and it's so much new content to see, that sometimes it's hard to choose just one or take it step and be up to date with every new production that is released.

So to help you a little bit, if you do not know what the hell to see next or just want a different suggestion than what Netflix recommends, we invite you to do this movie choices quiz and in the end you will have a new recommendation of some original production of Netflix according to what you have chosen.

There are no right or wrong answers, just your favorite options and opinions about the world of cinema, and in the end you will get a recommendation of some original Netflix movie according to all the options you chose. So prepare an afternoon of movies to see your result to this quiz .