"A Christmas Prince: The Real Baby": The 3rd part of this story arrives

The royal baby of King Richard and Queen Amber arrives this Christmas in Aldovia ... but first, their parents will have to solve some inconveniences.
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"A Christmas Prince: The Real Baby" is the third part of the saga of "A Christmas Prince", that movie 'so bad it was very good' and that became one of Netflix's favorite Christmas in 2017. After The success of this romantic, magical and overly cheesy and predictable movie, Netflix continued the story with Prince Richard and Amber's royal wedding in a Christmas sequel in 2018 ... so it was expected that we would also have the details of the real baby and what role he would play in Aldovia's Christmas this year.

For this third part, Amber and Richard are waiting for their firstborn and will also sign a peace treaty with the kings of Penglia , a 600-year tradition that is renewed every so often during the Christmas season, however, the treaty disappears and the pressure grows when it is announced that if not signed before Christmas Eve , the first heir to the crown will carry a curse, so that Amber and the rest of his friends, put to work to find the thief of the treaty and Your reasons for stealing it.

This is the perfect Christmas palomera movie to see on these cold December afternoons in the company of the family and just have a good time with the Christmas spirit to the fullest, because although it is not a wonder of the seventh art, it has enough to have fun , feel tender, fall in love and get excited in the company of your partner, your friends or family, because it has just what is necessary for a time of Christmas fun.

As a bonus, the story of this third part is not so predictable and has a surprise element that you hardly expect, until everything points to it at the end, but the suspense is enjoyable while it lasts. Like the previous films of "A Prince of Christmas" has its absurd and illogical details, such as that a queen is in mid-delivery with a room full of people, including servants and guest kings, but nothing that affects the history of the movie.

If you don't remember very well what happened in the previous 2 movies , Rose McIver , who plays Amber Moore , sums it up in this video:


And you can watch the third part, "A Christmas Prince: The Real Baby" starting December 5 on Netflix.

Title: A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby
Year: 2019
Director: John Schultz
Cast: Rose McIver, Ben Lamb
Genre: Romance, Comedia
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