Guess what song of the 90's is treated with just a phrase of the letter

These songs of the 90's will remind you of your youth or maybe your childhood, but are you sure you could remember each line of the lyrics well?
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The nineties were glorious , we could even say that it was the last decade in which children, youth and adults fully enjoyed each of their stages of life, living to the fullest and enjoying fashion, television, music; As soon as the new millennium arrived, the transition to new technologies radically changed the development of humanity in general.

Each decade has had its charm, and each generation has enjoyed their time in a different way, but without a doubt, how we miss the 90's !

At that time the music was very different and there were also different teenage idols that brought crazy turns to the girls or made the youngsters rock. However, whether you've grown or born during the decade of the 90's, we are sure you will remember many of the hits of those years, and currently still listening with some nostalgia.

Today we are going to bring that nostalgia to put you to the test and see if you can guess what song it is with just see a phrase of the letter . We pledge to do a bit difficult this quiz to test your knowledge and know how much attention put to the successes of your time in the early 90's.