GDL service; Dvicio's most dedicated fan club in Guadalajara

Dvicio is a Spanish group that has had a great acceptance in Mexico, and the proof is the great dedication of the Dvicio Guadalajara fan club.
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Dvicio is a Spanish pop rock music band formed in the Madrid city of Rivas-Vaciamadrid. The quintet is made up of Andrés and Martín Ceballos, Alberto González, Luis Gonzalvo and Ignacio Gotor ; signed by the record company Sony Music . In March 2014, his first single "Paraíso" was released, with great repercussion on radio and television in Spain and Latin America .

In 2009 they began to play together under the name of Tiempo Límite , with which they recorded their first songs, such as "Behind your fears" or "Owner of my mind". Two years later they won the ABC Punto Radio demo contest and made themselves known on YouTube with the song "Titanium", which garnered more than 200,000 views.

In March 2015 Dvicio came to Mexico to work on his second album with Sony Music , and continue with a concert tour throughout America . And in the following years, the Spanish group has continued visiting Mexico , where they have a solid fan base that has supported them from the beginning of their career.

And one of the cities in the country where they have great support from the first time they arrived in Mexico, is in Guadalajara , where the Dvicio Guadalajara fan club has supported them for 4 years, accompanying the group in every presentation and event they have offered at the Perla Tapatia . But the support of Dvicio Guadalajara has not been limited only to our city, the fanclub is so dedicated that they have followed Dvicio's boys to other concerts and events in Mexico City, Puebla, Querétaro and León , making a worthy representation of our city and showing their loyal support.

Dvicio Guadalajara stands out for its commitment, and also for offering a fun and safe space for all the fans from Guadalajara who want to support and feel closer to the group, working hand in hand with other experienced fans who keep the club active.

They have worked together with radio stations to promote the band, but they have also paid ads in the city and they do not stop working on social networks to place hashtags in trends that make the band present on various platforms.

The Dvicio Guadalajara club has its own distinctive identification badges, its own flag, and they also have a database where each member of the club is registered; Of course, they also have rules and regulations to maintain a healthy coexistence among all the members of the fanclub .

If you want to get in touch with the Dvicio Guadalajara fan club, there are different platforms where you can find them and learn more about both the club and the group.

You can find them on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram , YouTube , Gmail and in the individual support accounts of Instagram and Twitter :






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