DBFMx is the first and largest Drake Bell fan club in Mexico

Drake Bell has won the hearts of all Mexicans, and Drake Bell Fans Mexico has played a key role in Drake's relationship with our country.
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Drake Bell has managed to win the heart of Mexico for its extreme simplicity and warmth by stepping on Mexican soil on each of his visits to promote his music and new projects. The actor and singer first came to our country in 2008 with a musical tour, and that was enough for him to fall in love with Mexico and the fans who were waiting for him here as a result of his success in the series "Drake & Josh . " Over the years, Drake has returned to our country more and more frequently, since he has a special affection for Mexico ; And here, we Mexicans have also adopted him as an honorary Mexican .

But one of the most important parts, and which has played a key role for Drake to return to Mexico and always be a stir and great experiences with his fans, is precisely a community of fans that started around 2006 ; Drake Bell Fans Mexico started as a fan club in support of Drake while still playing Drake Parker in "Drake & Josh", and making his way with two albums to his credit, "Telegraph" and "It's Only Time" "

Little by little Drake Bell Fans Mexico grew, becoming the largest fan club in our country, in addition to creating DrakeBellFans.Org , a website created in 2007 that was ranked as the first to publish the latest news on Drake , for the Spanish-speaking community . The website remained idle for a few years, but with the evolution and revolution of social media, it was there that the fan club found its strength and remained active and growing.

Currently the fan club is still active and has grown a lot; they frequently hold face-to-face meetings in Mexico City , where the main headquarters are, but they also have offices in the cities of Guadalajara , Monterrey and Puebla , where activities are also held alongside and together.

The Drake Bell Fans Mexico staff is made up of a group of young Mexicans from Mexico City, with the help of fans in other parts of the country such as Tijuana , Guadalajara and Monterrey . Currently the club works directly with Drake's management, Decibel Media Group, so they have been able to carry out exclusive meetings and M&G with Drake.

Drake Bell with the staff of Drake Bell Fans Mexico in one of the coexistence in Mexico City.

  • Drake with the Drake Bell Fans Mexico staff in one of the coexistence in Mexico City.

This 2020 Drake Bell would tour several states of our country with a musical tour to promote his latest album, "The Lost Album" , however, due to the pandemic that has brought chaos to the whole world and multiple cancellations in the world of Entertainment, performances have been postponed and are awaiting new dates to resume the tour in 2021 .

However, despite not being able to live face to face or attend a live concert, Drake Bell Fans Mexico has continued with multiple online activities to promote "The Lost Album" and keep in touch with the entire community of fans in Mexico and the rest of Latin America .

Drake will soon release a new single, so Drake Bell Fans Mexico has planned various online activities where fans from around the world can participate. One of his most recent hits in our country is the song "Fuego Lento" , which has its Spanish version; while his music video was totally recorded in Mexico City , and in a second version it featured the participation of the Mexican YouTuber, Caeli.

Drake has expressed every time he has the opportunity, his immense affection for Mexico , and whenever he steps on our territory he is received with open arms by all his fans. Drake Bell Fans Mexico is one of the most important and key pieces in the close relationship that Drake has with his fans.

For now, Drake Bell Fans Mexico is very active on social networks, creating activities to keep fans connected and waiting for the musical tour that Drake will resume next 2021 in Mexico.

  • Drake with part of the staff of Drake Bell Fans Mexico, Jalisco and Monterrey.

If you are interested in contacting DBFMx , or knowing more about Drake Bell , you can follow them on all their social networks: Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .

And its headquarters in Jalisco , Monterrey and Puebla :

Drake Bell Fans Jalisco : Facebook and Instagram .

Drakemania in Mty : Facebook and Instagram .

Drake Bell Fans Puebla : Facebook and Instagram .

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