"I Lost My Body": The Oscar-nominated Netflix animated film

"Lost My Body" is a wonder of French animation that you should not miss and you will find available on Netflix.
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"I Lost My Body" is an animated Netflix story that tells us the story of Naoufel , an orphan boy who falls in love with Gabrielle , in the city of Paris, while away from there in another timeline, we see how a hand cut off escapes from a dissection laboratory to find his body, while during his adventure memories come to her until the day of the terrible accident in which it was cut.

This French animated film for adults was nominated as the best animated film for the Oscar Awards, and although it did not win, it is undoubtedly a hidden gem of animation that we can enjoy thanks to Netflix .

From the beginning the film has a nostalgic atmosphere that envelops and hooks you from the fact that that hand escapes from a refrigerator inside what looks like a medical laboratory , and although at the beginning everything seems very confusing, little by little everything makes sense, until you take the thread of the two lines that develop over time and intertwine to tell the story of the severed hand and be his body before a terrible accident.

It is common that there are still many animation studios and various films with very different and interesting animation techniques, most of us are only accustomed to the style of Disney or Pixar , however, you will undoubtedly find in the animation of this film , something completely unmatched , full of details and an inexplicable beauty . It is not the most commercial style of animation or blockbusters that are released on the billboard every week, but it has that artistic touch worth admiring and enjoying throughout the 81 minutes of the feature film .

The story is simple, but it is also quite original, and it takes you on a journey of emotions that take you from nostalgia , to melancholy and happiness along with the characters, especially Naoufel and his hand , who seeks to find him Through the Parisian city .

This French animation is a wonder of the genre and ultimately an animated film for adults that you can enjoy from start to finish in terms of history and visually speaking. "I Lost My Body" is available through Netflix and really, it should not be missing from your list to see.

Title: J'ai Perdu Mon Corps
Year: 2019
Director: Jérémy Clapin
Cast: Victoire Du Bois, Dev Patel, Hakim Faris, Alla Shawkat
Genre: drama, Fantasía
4.0 Calificación
5.0 Calificación de Usuarios

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