Everything you need to know about Disney+, the new streaming site

Since last year Disney already announced that it would also enter to compete in the market with a new streaming service that will have all its content.
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For some years now the way to watch movies and series was revolutionized with the arrival of Netflix , an online streaming platform that offered you a whole catalog of content on demand with just paying a monthly subscription, as if it were a channel through cable charge to your receipt every month. As of Netflix , other similar platforms were appearing, such as Claro Video, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Blim and even YouTube and Facebook. They also began to make their own series and movies to transmit them in this way in exchange for a month-to-month subscription .

We currently have a wide variety of streams with different catalogs, but they can share more than one movie or series and each with their respective original content, however, Netflix has led this market since the beginning.

Within the next couple of years Netflix could be unseated when Disney launches its platform "Disney+", which will be exactly the same, an online streaming that contains all Disney movies, and also all of their acquired companies as Fox, Lucas Films, Marvel Studios and more.

Although the official presentation of this project was already made, Disney will take it to the United States next year and for Latin America it will take until the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021 .

1. Disney+.


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Since last year, Disney announced that it would compete among streaming services with its own one called Disney +, and this past April 11 it officially announced the project and all the details about it.

2. The price.

The price.

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The monthly subscription to the service will be almost $7 dollars (around $ 140 Mexican pesos) and an annual cost of almost $70 dollars (around $ 1,300 Mexican pesos).

3. The content.

The content.

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His catalog will be full of all the productions of Disney, Pixar, Lucas Films, Marvel Studios, National Geographic and his latest acquisition, Fox.

4. Without connection.

Without connection.

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Like other similar services such as Spotify or YouTube, Disney+ will have the option to see all your content offline in order to download episodes of series, movies and other content.