"United": A moving film about brotherhood and magic

"Unidos" has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, but that does not detract from the charm and emotion of its brotherhood story.
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"United" is the new animated film from Disney Pixar that tells the story of Ian and Barley , a pair of brothers who receive a magic staff from their deceased father as a birthday gift, which he has left so they can make a spell that will bring him back to life for 24 hours . However, something goes wrong when they manage to cast the spell and only half of their father manages to appear, so they will have to embark on a magical adventure in search of a gem to help them complete the spell before they finish the spell. weather.

The film, despite being a Disney Pixar production, has not been very successful at the box office; But, part of the medium success of " Unidos " at the box office, is also due to the growing coronavirus pandemic that has prevented the screening of the film worldwide. During his first weekend he raised just $ 40 million in the United States, when he was expected to raise between $ 44 and $ 50 million.

Despite the fact that the time of its release has been overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic , the film has received many positive reviews for its history. " United " repeats the Disney formula that combines emotion, fun and a world full of magic and adventure, which always results in a film that works and captures the public.

The magical world that has left behind all its charm to live in the modernity of the digital age, is an interesting and fun concept that makes " Unidos " an original story. On the other hand, we have the funny moments, the jokes and of course, the right dose of emotion that will make you cry in its outcome .

" United " leaves you with that feeling of emotion, sadness and satisfaction at its end, and without a doubt, it will be a story that you will want to see in the company of your brothers, since you can identify with the roles that Ian plays as the younger brother and Barley like the older brother; from the fights and arguments, to the deepest and most beautiful feelings of the brotherhood.

"United" is full, friendly, interesting and amazing characters, plus magic, fun and adventure with unexpected moments that bring flavor to the plot.

From Disney Pixar , " United " is available in all theaters beginning March 6 . And don't forget to take your brothers, you will enjoy the movie better.

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