"Loco Por Ti": A new comedy about love and mental disorders

This film stars Jaime Camil and Sandra Echeverría, with special participations of Jason Alexander and Brooke Shields.
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"Loco Por Ti" is a new Mexican comedy that includes a very good cast, not only of Mexican stars already recognized in the new Mexican cinema, but also with some American actors who are well known in the cinema worldwide, including Brooke Shields and Jason Alexander .

The film tells us about Jess , an executive from a tequila company that is looking to be promoted and recognized by her boss, while Hank owns a mattress store. Both get to know each other after Jess's last relationship fails and then they fall in love ; Jess decides to take a risk and invite Hank to a work trip to an island, however, there Hank faces his greatest fears and many adversities when he forgets the medications he must take to control all his "mental conditions"; obsessive compulsive disorder, Tourette syndrome cyclical, bipolarity, among others. Hank suffers from getting his medications, while Jess is not sure that he is actually the perfect man he fell in love with .

Although the formula of the film is basically the same as many other Mexican romantic comedies ; where two fall in love and then have to overcome an obstacle that seems to separate them but in the end they end up together , the general idea of the story is original enough to entertain you and feel that it is a comedy different from those that already abound in Mexican cinema. In addition, they touch the issues of mental health from a more light and humorous angle but without offending or disrespecting people who suffer from these conditions, on the contrary, they use them and comedy to put on the table how difficult it can be for someone with these types of conditions and treatments , to look for a person and trust that they will not be judged for controlling their disorders with a series of medications, in addition to the constant internal struggle that is lived daily when dealing with with these conditions and how the rest of the people perceive it from outside; This seems to me a great success , because we do not have many films of this style, that with humor and comedy , touch this type of subjects.

It is not a Mexican romantic comedy like the ones we have seen in recent years, as it has very different touches and American actors in supporting roles that give the cast an interesting twist, including Brooke Shields, James Maslow, Jason Alexander and Brian Baumgartner. However, it also has a good cast of Mexican actors with whom the public can quickly identify themselves because they have a long career in our country: Jaime Camil, Sandra Echeverría, Mónica Huarte, Juan Soler, Ana Belena and Pia Watson. It is a good combination of talents that results in a rather peculiar cast that works throughout history.

Mónica Huarte manages to stand out although her character has very brief appearances, and Jaime Camil has an unequaled charisma that has led him, precisely, to always captivate the public.

At times, the plot feels somewhat strange and strange , but it is precisely part of the peculiarity of this story, and much of its charm. Of course, like any Mexican comedy movie, it has unbelievable or 0 realistic situations, however, they are fun and entertaining for an afternoon movie theater.

You will see many familiar faces of the American and Mexican spectacle , in addition to having fun with the occurrences and situations that all the characters live. "Loco Por Ti" opens in all cinemas as of February 14.

Title: Loco Por Ti
Year: 2020
Director: Diego Kaplan
Cast: Jaime Camil, Sandra Echeverría, Brooke Shields, James Maslow
Genre: Comedia romántica
3.0 Calificación
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